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  Starting a Military Tribute Banner Program in your Area

A Military Tribute Banner program has been proven to be a wonderful way to honor your military heroes while raising funds your military outreach projects and programs. Several communities have gone through the process of implementing successful banner programs and the response has been tremendous.

The most "challenging" component of starting an outdoor banner program is getting the necessary permission from the local government and/or utility agencies. This process can take weeks or even months. However, once permission is given, we can help you with everything else.

From coming up with the design, to sponsorship rates, to how best to promote the program, we are here to help and it's all included in the banner price. We will even design, print and ship a sample banner, customized for your community, to help you when presenting the program for approval - at no charge. The banners have a way of "speaking" for themselves.

If you would like contacts from other communities that have started the program, please let us know. We have several that have offered to help answer any questions from the community level point of view.

So what are you waiting for? The time to start planning your Military Tribute Banner Program is now. Here are some things to help you get started.


Here are some of the questions to answer in order to start a successful banner display:

What will be the location for display? (downtown streets, park, indoor display, etc.)

• Are there poles with brackets already or will brackets be needed for display?

•  What size banner would be needed?

What permission is needed to display the banners in the location needed?

If local government permission is needed, who needs to be contacted in order to present the banner program for approval?

• Who will be responsible for installing and removing the banners?

• What will be the target display dates and length of display period?

• Will the banners be used to raise funds for your local military/veteran outreach programs or projects?

• Who will oversee the program?

• What would be the cost for sponsorship?

(Sponsorship should cover cost of banners, hanging costs and any additional amount for fund-raising, etc.)

• What types of payment(s) will be accepted? Online credit-card payment available at no-charge. 


Once many of the questions above are answered, we can then begin the promoting process.

Request a free full-size sample banner from us (request a free sample banner here)

This can be done at anytime. It is best to have in hand prior to presenting the banner program.

Provide us with the details of your program and we will begin setting up the promotional materials.

Mini fliers, posters, social media images, website ordering will all be set up and proofs sent to you for approval.

• Once the artwork for the promotional materials are approved, we will print and ship them to you at no cost.

Your website ordering page will go live prior to the promotional period beginning.

The promtional materials will direct sponsors to the site for additional information and to place their order. The site can be updated at any time.


Once you receive the promotional materials, you can begin promoting the program to your community.

Fliers and posters can be distributed around the community.

• Social media, email blasts, town, city or organization website can easily promote the program and link to the ordering page.

Local papers and magazines as well as news outlets should be contacted to do segments on the program.

• Local veteran/military groups can be contacted to assist in promoting the program to their members and families.

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